Gabriel Chartier is a native of Fort Collins, Colorado.  After spending a number of years traveling and searching for meaning in life and in different perspectives, Gabe found his way through empathic story telling, art, and technology. Always seeking to learn and improve, finding better ways to tell the story before him.

Art to Gabe is a journey: each and every individual, object, place, or idea has a story behind it. His mission is to capture rare moments from a perspective not often taken. A vantage point that is frequently overlooked.

In 2008, he studied Fine Art Film photography, in Herrnhut, Germany, with the University of the Nations. While in Germany he continued to develop both his film and digital photography skills, and personal style. For the following two years he worked out of Hernhutt, helping lead teams into countries such as Ethiopia, Egypt and Poland, for humanitarian work utilizing fine art portrait and documentary photography to tell the story of those often untold.

In 2010, his photography continued to take him all over the world; some highlights include London, Prague, India, Cambodia and China. Over five years, Gabriel Chartier Photography helped contribute to a number of local Northern Colorado projects and causes.

In 2013, he stepped from working in small business datacom infrastructure and audio/visual integration to a season of enterprise Information Technology.

In 2014, he began a new season working in Information Security and ediscovery.

In 2015, he relocated to the Pacific Northwest where he continues his creative journey as a technical director for a church community seated in Bellingham, WA where he moved into live sound engineering and broadcast video production.

In 2021, he founded GC Technical Solutions where he began offering cross-disciplined solutions in IT Consulting and Audio Visual Consulting and freelance Podcast editing and livesound engineering.

In 2022, he began a new journey venturing into short and long form video production, in addition to operating GC Technical Solutions.